Begin Your Online Success With Our Digital Marketing Services

Online Advertisements

Get benefits of underpriced attention right now using paid advertising. Bring in more customers without relying just on luck. Target potential clients who are already interested in the service you offer. Advertisements are placed at the right time and the right place.

  • Google PPC Advertisements
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Remarketing Advertisements
  • Instagram Advertisements
  • Youtube Advertisements
  • Bing Advertisements
  • Snapchat Advertisements
  • Yelp Ads

Content Marketing

Powerful content on online can create a unique dialogue which results in more traffic to your website. Compelling blog articles are a great way to generate incoming traffic and improve buyer interest. Also our team can work with your clients to develop meaningful testimonials which entice potential buyers. With our experts we ensure each piece of original content is distributed and published to the correct channels.

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Distribution
  • Videos

Search Engine Optimization

Own Your Local Market & Be The Industry Leader In Your Field.

Begin to rank for valuable local keywords and rise above the competition. Our campaigns focus on targeting local buyers in your market that are seeking to transact with you immediately.

  • National SEO
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Directory Listings
  • Online Reviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Competitor Analysis
  • More Local Traffic

Brand Storytelling

Every business is unique with a different story to tell. We make sure your message is being told.

Your Brand Story is what sets you apart from your competitors, it’s why your customers choose to do business with you. This creates an emotional connection between you and your customers, that will turn them into lifetime customers. We create you an engaging video about your business, your brand, your story, what you can do for them and what makes you different from all the rest.

  • Engaging Brand Story Video
  • Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers.
  • Create Loyal & Lifetime Customers
  • Get Your Marketing Message To Potential Customers
  • Stand Out From Competitors

Website Design & Development

3 Seconds. Your Website Has Less Than 3 Seconds To Capture Your Audience Attention.

Showcase your business and make a stunning first impression with your website. The quality experience will build trust with every potential customer that visits your site. Your design will remain attractive through each page, reinforcing your brand and reducing your bounce rate.

  • Custom Template & Website Designs
  • Full Site Audits (Technical & Usability)
  • Content Updates
  • Landing Page Design
  • Banner & Call to Action Designs
  • Maintenance

Reputation Management

Defend Your Reputation. Don't fall victim to a false online narrative, reviews or competitor jealousy. Your brand’s reputation is the most important factor of your online presence. Almost 85% of consumers are influenced by reviews and content they read online. How is your brand being represented online? Whether for businesses or individuals, our thorough strategies are designed to address your concerns and retain your brand image.

  • Review Sites
  • Creating Trustworthy & Credible Content
  • Online Directories
  • Blog Post
  • Suppressing Bad Content
  • Generating Positive Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Optimize Your Business Profiles

Email Marketing

Customized email marketing campaigns to advertise your services and drive up your sales. You want to keep your brand in the minds of your customers and prospects. Through the right message at the right time, our email marketing will grow your business.

  • Customized Campaigns
  • Get Your Marketing Message To Your Customers
  • Build a Massive Email List
  • Collect Fresh Leads and Potential Clients
  • Reactivate Old Clients
  • Build Credibility With Your Brand
  • Enticing and Concise Subject Lines
  • Deals, Promotions, Offer, Contest, Giveaways

Social Media Management

How are you engaging your audience on social media platforms? Connecting with your customers on social platforms is crucial for any business. It’s a direct bridge between your business and customers to build long lasting relationships. If you have no strategy or plan in place, you’re missing out on reaching additional customers. In today’s connected world, your potential customers are checking their social feed, scrolling through timelines and most importantly checking in when they’re at a particular establishment or place of business.

  • Google Listing / Google Plus Management
  • Facebook Management
  • YouTube Management
  • Yelp Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Snapchat Management
  • LinkedIn Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • Twitter Management
  • + many more

Professional Photgraphy

In order to achieve the pinnacle of your company's Brand it is a necessity to have high quality Photography to properly present your company. This can lead more customers to your business, as well as new business connections.

  • Product Photos
  • Company Photos
  • Website Photos
  • Highlight Photos
  • Head Shot Photos
  • And much more+

Professional Video

In order to increase your company's exposure it is a necessity to have High Quality and Professional Video to properly present your company. This can lead more customers to your business, as well as new business connections.

  • Promotional Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Company Videos
  • Case Study Videos
  • Brand Video

Local Search Engine Optimization

Own Your Local Market & Become The Industry Leader in Your Field. Begin to rank for valuable local keywords and rise above the competition.

Are you reaching your customers online? Without an SEO strategy for your local business, you’re missing out on dozens, hundreds, even thousands of potential customers. The search engines need a clear understanding of where you are located and what services you offer. Our local SEO services help make sure search engines recognize your business to bring you in front of your customers.

  • Local Targeted Keyword Research
  • Localized Content Marketing
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Online Reviews
  • Local Competitor Analysis
  • Reaching customers that are closest to you.
  • Quality Link-building
  • Useful, professional, and easy to read content.
  • Generating Calls, Leads, and Local Foot Traffic to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Running advertisements on Social Media you're able to engage with potential customers by Areas, Age, Gender, Interest, Income & more; Creating you an audience that represents your ideal customer.

What's a better way to reach customers, than on the very thing their eyes are glued to all day?  Almost 90% of consumers are influenced by content they read or saw online.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Instagram Advertisements
  • Linkden Advertisements
  • Youtube Advertisements
  • Yelp Advertisements
  • Bing Advertisements
  • Google Advertisements
  • Snapchat Advertisements
  • Pinterest Advertisements
  • More+

Crisis Management

A Crisis Can Destroy Your Brand. Let our experts rescue your brand and protect it. Don't let your crisis destroy the brand you've built.

The best time to handle a crisis is before it even occurs. Having a plan of action ready to go in case of an event ensures that you'll have a faster response and can even resolve the issue before anyone can even realize it happened. Regardless of what happens, having a plan of action makes it easier for both your executive team to take the right course of action & for your team to put out the right message ahead of time. This could also include making connections with the right journalists & online influencers to obtain the benefit of the doubt.

  • Issue Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Channel Analysis
  • Communication Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring You Brand Online

Print & Graphic Design

How will you stand out to potential customers? You need a consistent, clean logo & graphic design solution that reflects your Company's Brand.

We know the value of an eye-catching design. One that makes your customers recognize your business. From your input, our agency creates a corporate design that is unique and helps make your business look great. Completed in a simplified process, you’re going to love the finished product.

  • Logos & Branding
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Promotional Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Web Graphics
  • Menus (Dine in / Take Out)
  • Business Card Design

Google Adwords / Pay Per Click

Customized campaigns that target customers based on the Keywords that they search. Now you are specifically targeting INTERESTED customers, who either:

1. Need your type of Service/Product 2. Searching around for your for type of Service/Product 3. Want to know more about your Service/Product.

  • Search Marketing Ads
  • Display Marketing Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Mobile App Ads

Complementary Digital Marketing Plan

Your Presence Is Everything. Not being found online is the same thing as sitting in the bleachers and trying to compete in a race. You will have no chance.

Ask Blast Media to create a complementary, comprehensive and aggressive Digital Marketing Plan to take your business to new heights, and get your business set up properly.

  • Get Found on Online Directories
  • Begin Generating Calls, Leads, and Local Foot Traffic to your business.
  • Free 30 day plan to launch your business online
  • Useful, professional & easy to read content.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimize All Your Online Business Profiles